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Are you having fun yet?

Are you having fun yet?

He sleazes into your ear

A breath of aniseed and copper coins

Slides down your neck-

He’s gathered you all here

And now,

You are not sure why.

Perhaps you were swept up in the sea of bodies


He opened the furnace

For you to come and rattle round inside.

You see him,


in between light and bodies.

His neon legion trotting close behind,

despite his calculated neglect.

It’s an approach he’s honed,

in the last eight years on the job.

Are you having fun yet?

He whispers

Does that rising bile outmatch your mother’s distance?

Do you feel better

now you’re doing what you’re meant to?

The first time is free.

The space it’s in however

You can’t get back

You can only give it to me.

I hope you’ve got it in you

To find another like yourself.

Find them investigating

The backs of their eyelids

For (as always) they also

Couldn’t take the strain.

Best of luck you do

and perhaps you might get out of this mess.

By Samuel Wake

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