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005- The ‘great big covid diversion’.

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

This will be one of my more controversial pieces, but this topic has plagued our society for two years.

The horrifying possibility that covid-19 isn't going anywhere is becoming a bigger and bigger reality. With empty promises, like the vaccine will end this façade being thrown out the window. Where can we look now to provide us with some hope for a brighter day?

The new covid variant is the 'Omicron" variant, with global governments again shutting down over what 'COULD' happen if it gets out. However, we are heading backwards and again toward a fourth lockdown. We are living in total fear. If we let our fear of death overcome our will to live a good life, this will continue to happen for the rest of our lives. Things will only change if we make them change.

Attitudes towards covid 19 must change. We can't live in fear. We can't just live the rest of our lives constantly worried about when and where the next variants may arise. Death, in the end, will always be a part of life. At our stage of technology/ human evolution, it is an inevitable truth that we must deal with. We can't live like this anymore, and we must have a louder voice to stand against what our governments are doing. Totalitarian control is closer than everyone can admit. With the dawn of a new lockdown looming over everyone's heads, I hope that we, as the people, don't just sit back and take it. The biggest lie to come out of this is that if we follow what the government says, things will return to normal. The way this virus isn't going anywhere. The government has been lying to the public, desperately attempting to gain control over them.

The mainstream news media exploding new emerging cases into our faces. Using war-like scare tactics to keep the viewers hooked and ratings high. They have used their platforms to distress our generation, causing a political divide among each other over different views on the situation. Any sense of community has been destroyed. Using terms like code 'red' and firing huge BOLD numbers, exclaiming how many cases there are on whatever day of the week while slowly ignoring the number of hospitalisations and deaths, is to keep covid being talked about instead of informing the population on the current situation of covid. They created a hostile environment for the population. Fear of the virus generates money for the network. This has led to a money-driven cycle of scaremongering within the mainstream media. Easily comparable to the propaganda used in WW2.

COVID-19 has been one of the most successful distractions in human history, with underlying boundary-pushing of control at every corner. This is supposed to be a global pandemic. Still, all I see is a pandemic of lies and control engrained in our political system. I'm not trying to convince anybody that covid isn't real, but something is happening. In not too long, we will live in a society nothing like the one we live in today. Freedoms that we have taken for granted and lifestyles will be censored and controlled.

Once you give a small man like Boris Johnson and his band of merry cronies a slice of power, they will eat the whole fucking pie leaving nothing else for the rest of us. After introducing the first lockdown, these people have taken a little more at every chance they can get. Priti Patel (home secretary) also made front page news, completely disregarding anyone outside the conservative party's protective circle. In the quote, "This means tougher penalties for those so-called 'recreational' users, such as students who ignorantly take drugs with no thought to the criminality they are supporting and those they are exploiting…Their actions directly lead to increased violent crime and people dying – but they pay no price.". The absolute hypocrisy when cocaine is found in the houses of parliament is a disgrace. To totally out students as a direct lead to increasing violent crime is a disgrace. The problem of violent crime doesn't start and end here is a deep-rooted problem that ranges from socio-economic problems to welfare issues throughout the country, and to blame the student body is a fucking disgrace. Then you look at Priti Petal's extensive disrespectful and bigot behaviour on many issues. The results are worrying. New laws will allow the police to shut down any protest in England and Wales. In my opinion, this dramatically impacts our right to free speech in the country. The about of political movements that have been started through protest is huge (civil rights, same-sex marriage.). Protesting within this country is a right that cannot be taken from the people. Also, the NHS has been under that much stress with no money being pumped into the Conservative party. It is slowly bleeding the system dry, eventually turning it into a privatised company. Huge, new restrictions to the UK borders not allowing for much leeway for immigration. Immigration has provided our country with a wider, resourceful workforce and provided families in need with a place to live comfortably. Still, the future of this looks bleak for them now.

Now with emerging evidence that during the first lockdown, even our own PM, the leader of our country, was neglecting the laws that he put in place to 'protect' us from covid was living it up, having fancy parties. While the rest of the population was living in a whirlpool of fear and confusion. While everyone's needs were forgotten and thrown in the fucking rubbish, he was having a party! Never has there been a PM in our country that through a time of crisis, hasn't been leading by example and setting the standard for their country to get behind. Even if a PM doesn't have the same political opinions, they still need to stand as a figurehead of the country.

Realising that most of the population is willing to bend over and take it. People are far too respectful of power and overly obeisant towards it. A sort of arrogance towards voting in the conservative party into government has fallen upon our nation. Because of human nature's routine-like ways, we have just kept voting them in. Even when they are turning our country into a total money-driven mess. However, on the other side, you have useless politicians like Kier Stammer providing nothing for the Labour party. With no eligible competition (counterargument) to the conservative party, they have no one creating balance in our political system. The tables are turned in one direction with totalitarian-like control for our nation. Little by little the introduction of new laws and policies, the government will have total control of the population. No one is fighting the Conservatives and their circus monkey (Boris Johnson).

Power to the people.

Brilliant artwork from @lmc.artx. Stay classy!

Signing off, Justified Passion For Life.

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