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002: Floating points.

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Word of the Week: ‘shneb.”

Definition: An adjective to describe the displacement of your head while on psychedelic drugs.

Uses: Trippin’ my ‘shneb’ off; where’s my ‘shneb’; Has anyone located my ‘shneb’.


Walking down from the pub to World Headquarters. Few pints in, spirits high. Heart rate’s increasing, a grin from ear to ear. Somehow, knowing that the night ahead would be one of biblical proportions. As we get to the door, the reputation comes alive. This club is about to let you entirely escape in the music. The building starts to fill with like-minded people, all gathering for the same reason. The pure enjoyment of the music creates an almost family-like bond between everyone. As you catch your breath, the drugs finally set in. you feel comfortable and accepted by the people around you (brothers and sisters alike).

photo by: @pdx.hpl

The main man 'Floating Points' took his listeners on a musical journey through the genres. Starting the night with an almost reggae/funk style of music which create an irresistible need to 'bop'. This gave the shoulders the perfect opportunity to warm up and loosen up for the night ahead. The slow music would calm me into a trip that would send my mind and body into musical bliss. This became the ideal time to start with the mushrooms.

With one heavy use of the bass, he turned one 'funk-alisous' tune into an iconic deep house segment which almost brings tears to any House music fan. The iconic use of lighting meant that all eyes were on the DJ.

Walking down the stairs, I was already missing the music, but a tab was calling.

Smoking area: any ravers social club. A breath of fresh air and sharing the night's experiences did me well. Drug-fuelled revelations were a smoking area protocol. Pals you've known for as long as you can remember and the pals you've known for minutes.

"Choose they croon the ancient ones; the time has come again"-To quote The Doors. But as they say: it was time to return to the music. As I entered, the breakbeat section was well underway. The lighting was immense, creating an almost 'perspective centre-point on the DJ. I can guarantee everyone in the crowd was hooked. "BBY" by over mono came in perfectly. My whole body was in awe. One of my favourite tunes blessed my ears and gave the crowd something to dance to.

Sadly, the show was coming to an end. But the energy was still high, and the remaining ravers were set to go the distance. Me and the boys were succumbing to the drugs, and our minds were somehow miles away from our bodies. The music kept us centred and always wanting more. More drugs, more music, more thrills. The DJ went full circle and brought the genre mix back to funk, finishing with this beautiful tune: "party in me" by Gene Dunlap, which blew me away. Perfect.

Anyone who respects fantastic music, music on vinyl, music created right there in front of you, music that will blow you away. I strongly recommend it.

It's always a horrible moment when the DJ finishes, but everything good must come to an end. As the lights turn on, I look around and see the faces of everyone around me, somehow morphing to look exactly like my own. While the concept sounds scary, witnessing this phenomenon almost makes you question the similarities between yourself and those around you. I was well and genuinely tripping' my 'shneb' off. I LOVE FUCKING RAVING!

I've lived in Newcastle for 3 years, and the Geordies have yet to fail me. Their sheer 'Geordiness' is something else. I believe they define what it is to be Northern. On the way out, one extremely 'wired' Geordie expressed his deep opinion to my mate and me about how when he was a child, he looked precisely like Pablo Escobar…he didn't. Egging him on, he showed us baby photos of him for a further 10 minutes. Personally, I thought it was brilliant. We entertained him until we had to leave and get ourselves involved in the after-party. But, in that state of mind, I could have gone all night on the subject.

Walking back is always something to remember. The freezing cold November conditions sober you up, but the excitement of the afters keeps you tied to the group. Tribal almost.

photo by: @pdx.hpl

Right onto the afters. Another example of why my faith in humanity is getting restored. And the Jesmond Massive is a force to be reconned with! The first thing on my mind was a seat. Little did I know that this would lead to the ‘circle of trust’. I swear every afters has one. A group of people literally chatting out their arse about literally anything and everything. This was where the word of the week was formulated and used to a great extent. After a strong hour in the ‘trust circle,’ it was time to head back inside and the decks were being absolutely torn up by a young up, talented DJ: @digital_orquestra and @alex_milne_dj. Big shout out to the lads.

With stories and experiences getting told all the way home the journey felt like it took seconds. The perfect end to a perfect night.


Signing off, yours truly: Justified Passion.

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