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001: Justified Passion for life.

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

That's me, a full-blown drug-consuming, music-loving, loudmouth student. Simply doing exactly what everyone else in my position is… FUCKING LOVING IT.

This personal project will allow me to discuss mainly the mind of the youth and everything to do with the world we live in as young adults. I will not be shy to discuss everything from politics to music. Drugs to sport. As a youth, I'm in a unique position to talk about this. I want to create an open environment. Only some things discussed will be agreed upon, but an honest discussion will always be welcomed in the forum.

Based in Newcastle upon Tyne but actively travelling across England and further around the world to explore, experience, and hopefully write about the developing world around me. As a young adult, I'm still learning and, like many others my age, just trying to find their foothold in society and looking for that momentary bliss in-between. As you get older, the world becomes a much scarier, weird place, but when you are around like-minded, creative friends. It all becomes a much more welcoming place. I want this to be something anyone might be able to read and find comfort in that as much as the older generation say we need to "Buck our ideas up" and "Find a job and settle down", you're not alone and were all doing fucked up shit just to pass the time.

Music and rave culture has always been something that I've been obsessed with. From stories when I was a child, my mother told me of her golden days of acid house culture and the illegal raves. That feeling has never felt even as diluted as it is now. When the music fully takes hold, hours feel like seconds, totally in a hypnotised state. Nothing else matters in a lot of ways. It's only love and music that can ever make you feel this way. I suppose it is a love for music and how it can make you feel. Recently, more and more people have realised this, and I hope that music is a solution to how the world feels. Well, at least for the individual. The purest form of escape.

Through this love of music, as I've got older different forms of escapism have started to become larger and larger priorities in my life. This being the 'drug society' that anyone who might have tried to used to abused is a part of. That way, they can take hold of your consciousness, vision and psyche. Is a shortcut to the deepest parts of your brain. Letting you discover parts of yourself you never knew were there. Both positively and negatively, but I suppose that the tightrope we all walk partaking. In many ways, that dangerous element of drugs is a reason some people are drawn to it. Ultimate risk, ultimate reward.

But no matter your opinion on the two topics mentioned, there will be far more in-depth pieces about much more. No spoilers yet, but you'll have to keep tuned in to find out more. I just hope to project the picture I want to create and my passion for my own generation. In many ways, that's why I have hope for this whole project, that discussion and feeling of collective experiences of this entire youth experience. With that knowledge, you're not alone because as connected as we are through modern technology. Phones, social media, games consoles. We've never felt so disconnected. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’re not happy with your point of view, change it. We’re capable of so much more if we want it.

Signing off, Justified Passion.

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